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Hey there. If you've stumbled your way here, you're probably immersed in the world of children just like me, a magical world of cherubic faces, cuddles, cute overalls, bottomless love. . . and vomit, sleep deprivation, explosive diarrhea, and kicks to the throat. It's crazy - all the best and worst things you've ever encountered, smushed together like the sweaty goldfish paste in your toddler's chubby palm. 

Sometimes you're cruising, sometimes you're in survival mode. And there are so many decisions, so many questions that come up every day. You have access to all of the parenting advice in the universe in the palm of your hand, so why is it so hard to find answers? Why do you end up more confused than ever when you ask friends and family or try to do research on your own?

There is a stream of excellent research that can help you to make your kids happier, healthier, and smarter - but there's a river of garbage to wade through! When parents bring their kids to me, my job is to identify the good information and break it down in a way that they can understand. But I might only see them for 20 minutes every 6 months! I hate that! There's so much else that I want to share that could help them to be more calm and confident. 

So that's why I started this website. I want to continue the conversation you have with your pediatrician at your kid's checkup. I want to start with studies that you'll find interesting and find some reasonable ways to apply them, knowing full well that your life is as chaotic as mine. I don't want to be stiff or formal. I don't claim to be a baby whisperer or to have all the answers. I try to write just like I talk to my patients at the office - laid back, non-judgemental, no white coat, no super-fancy words.  A conversation. About everything from eating, sleep, and technology to medical myths and some funny stuff. So feel free to explore, and let me know what you think. 

Alright, I've gotta go. My kids have been quiet for like fifteen minutes, and that can't be good.